Maintaining Optimal Posture at Work – No Matter the Workplace!

An important part of my dialogue with patients is how to optimize their ergonomic set ups at work.  Creating an ergonomically sound set up is very important for spinal integrity, especially for people who suffer from neck and back pain.  There are a lot of ergonomic products out there that can aid in creating proper […]

iGadgets and Neck Pain

Over the last 5 years, I have seen a surge in young adults visiting my office with neck pain. What’s interesting is that most of these patients have not been in serious car accidents or suffered any sort of whiplash injury, nor do they have arthritis. Rather, they have full neck mobility and are generally […]

Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain is by far the most common upper extremity complaint that I encounter in my practice. Sometimes trauma, such as falling on an outstretched hand or lifting heavy weights, can cause shoulder pain. Most of the time, however, patients say that their shoulder pain crept up on them over time. What began as a […]

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