Dr. Charlene Lohmueller

Throughout my undergraduate years at Georgetown University, I had assumed I would go to med school to become a medical doctor. I was highly focused as I slaved through organic chemistry, physics II: electricity and magnetism, and other pre-med courses. All of my hard work would pay off, I thought, because I would eventually be able to help people and teach them about their health.

As I began my obligatory internships with medical doctors, I observed that though most MDs had their hearts in the right place, the system was set up so that very little time was spent with patients and—especially in the cases of neck and back pain—there wasn’t much in the way of patient education, or alleviating pain without drugs or surgery. These internships were very discouraging to me; how was I to treat people as individuals in such a system? How was I to have the time to get them better, if possible, without drugs or surgery? I was deeply conflicted.

I explained my concerns to my running coach, who was very influential to me at the time, and he suggested I consider a career as a chiropractor. And so began my journey: I worked in a chiropractic office, went to chiropractic school, worked as an associate in two offices, and then opened up my own practice here in South Pasadena. This past decade of working as a chiropractor in various capacities has been extremely satisfying; it is fulfilling my desire to help people and to teach them about their musculoskeletal pain.

Education and Background

I grew up on the East Coast and spent my childhood in upstate New York and northern Virginia. I received my undergraduate education from Georgetown University and my chiropractic education from New York Chiropractic College. I am fluent in mandarin Chinese and spent time studying in Taiwan.

I am able to proficiently adjust most any joint in the body—both spine and extremity—and I complement the adjustments with the necessary soft tissue work and rehab exercises. This combination of manipulation and muscle work has helped provide many of my patients with long-term relief from their pain.

I live in South Pasadena with my two sons, Walter and James.  Walter is in 3rd grade at Arroyo Vista Elementary and James is in Transitional Kindergarden at AV as well.  In my free time, I love to play soccer.  In particular, both the Pasadena Adult Soccer League and LA Municipal Soccer League have provided a wonderfully competitive atmosphere for me to develop my skills and to meet other people.  

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