As a large framed ex football player who weighs 250 lbs it’s often hard to find a chiropractor who can sufficiently manipulate my joints and help me with back and neck pain. Dr Charlene’s techniques are great and she has been able to provide adjustments that other chiropractors have not.

Adrian O.

I chose Mission Chiropractic Works because of Dr. Lohmueller’s commitment to making her patients partners in the healing process. From the very beginning she suggested exercises I could do on my own to effect improvement. Dr. Lohmueller’s digital x-ray made it possible for me to see the cause of my neck pain after my very first visit. When I was completely pain free just three months later, a new x-ray showed the visible change in the curve of my upper spine. As a result, I felt confident that her treatment methods were effective and worthwhile.

Allison A.

I was referred to Dr. Charlene Lohmueller by an Orthopedic Doctor, after I suffered a slightly torn disc between my 4th and 5th vertebrae.  Upon my first visit, Dr. Charlene reviewed my MRI results and began her process of understanding my pain. She explained to me, in detail, what my situation truly meant for me, her methodology in assessing and treating pain and showed me a handful of medical infographics she has posted on her Pinterest page, to ensure I had a visual of what she was explaining.

In the time I have been seeing Charlene, her attention to my needs, as well her cheerful demeanor, have been made this otherwise awful experience of not really being able to walk, tolerable. Charlene is the sweetest and most empathic person I have ever met and her ability and willingness to genuinely care, is equally as valuable as her skill is in helping people like myself cope with and overcome pain and injury.

Sergio A.

Dr Charlene kept me from having a serious shoulder surgery. I took my MRI and X-rays to Dr Charlene after a sports injury. Dr Charlene provided the most thorough initial evaluation I had ever had even after utilizing chiropractic for 20 years. She performed various tests, pinpointed the cause of my pain and created a treatment plan that avoided surgery and had me back to my active life pain free and healed after 6 weeks. I am so grateful that I got her opinion and I continue to see her for regular back/neck adjustments as needed.

Megan O.

I started going to Mission Chiropractic Works about 6 months ago.  First impressions can say a lot and I must say they scored very high with me.  The office is very clean and the treatment area is bright and spacious.  Charlene was extremely professional, courteous, and friendly towards me.  She was very interested in what I had to say when talking about my history and I started regular visits for adjusting my back and also began a physical rehabilitation program for a shoulder issue that I’ve had for many years.  I can honestly say my back and neck feel great and the pain in my shoulder has begun to subside and definitely has an increase in range of motion since I started the physical rehabilitation program.

Jeff K.
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