All of our certified massage therapists here at Mission Chiropractic Works have completed an Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program, aimed specifically at identifying trigger points, utilizing orthopedic tests, and mastering anatomy.  Our therapists can provide relaxing, “feel good” massages or more therapeutic, injury-specific massages, often aimed to complement a patient’s chiropractic care.

If a patient is receiving both chiropractic care and massage, there is regular communication between the massage therapist and chiropractor to ensure a full understanding of her condition as well as regular monitoring of her progress.  In this collaborative model, insurance companies will often cover part of the cost of the massage.

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30 minutes… $40

60 minutes… $80

90 minutes… $120

120 minutes… $160

Types of massage offered at Mission Chiropractic Works


Swedish massage is the most common type of massage therapy.  It involves soft, long, kneading strokes on the topmost layer of muscles.  It increases circulation, alleviates pain, and improves range of motion.  It is a very relaxing massage and creates an overall sense of well-being.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage therapy utilizes long, kneading strokes but the pressure is deeper and affects the deepest layers of muscles, which is useful for relieving chronic muscle tension.


Shiatsu massage is a combination of body and energy work, based upon traditional Chinese medicine concepts of Chi.  Shiatsu is formed fully clothed on a floor mat or table. It uses pressure points and stretches to improve energy flow throughout the body.

Trigger Point therapy

Trigger points are tender spots in the muscle that radiate pain to other areas of the body and can mimic other conditions.  For instance, a trigger point in the Gluteus Minimus might feel like sciatica.  A muscle with trigger points becomes weak and painful, and it can make a person prone to more serious injury.  In neuromuscular therapy, different techniques are applied to reduce the trigger points and, thus, restore normal function back to the muscle.

Sports Massage

Pulled hamstrings, tennis elbow, and achilles tendon injuries are a few examples of common sports injuries that recover faster with a sports massage.  A sports massage utilizes specific stretches and soft tissue manipulation to achieve faster injury recovery.

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