Custom Orthotics

Mission Chiropractic Works is proud to offer Sole Supports custom orthotics, a medical-grade company with an innovative casting and manufacturing technology. Sole Supports orthotics are far superior to generic, off-the-shelf orthotics on the market because they are individualized to meet your specific needs.

The pain you’re suffering from may be rooted in the way you walk. Custom foot orthotics—shoe inserts, insoles or orthoses—effectively correct foot posture and atypical walking patterns to help make walking, jogging, running, and standing more comfortable.

Sole Supports custom foot orthotics take into account your:

Foot Flexibility

Floppier feet need an orthotic with rigid support whereas rigid feet need a more flexible orthotic.

Activity level

More active people need more rigid arch support, especially if they routinely carry heavy loads for their jobs.


Your foot will be casted in a specific way in order to capture your corrected arch position. Unlike generic orthotics which provide the same arch support to different feet, Sole Supports casting ensures that you receive an orthotic that is specific to your arch.

Dr. Lohmueller has spent many hours of training to become a certified provider of Sole Supports custom orthotics and has casted them for hundreds of people. Our current patients are very pleased with Sole Supports, not only because they are an excellent orthotic, but also because they come with great customer support and a generous warranty.

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